Gróh Szilvia Felícia

Vocational curriculum vitae:

1998 Gyula Erkel Ferenc  grammar school-nurse
1993 SZOTE hygienic college faculty-physiotherapist derivational suffix academic specialisation
2008 Physical education university humankinesiology academic specialisation

My professional developments:

1996-1998: McKenzie A,B,C,D
1998: Schrot method
1998: spiral dynamics
2002: Manualtheraphycs, Terrier soft body part mobilisation, Hanging upgrid A,B,C,D
2004: peripheral nerve mobilisation
2006: Mulligan manualtheraphycs
2008: M.B.T. instruktor

Places of work:

Between 1993-1997 in Pándy Kálmán Hostiptal of Békés county I was a traumatologist and physiotherapist at the neurosurgery. Until 1997 worked as a physiotherapist at the county hospital's neurosurgery department, and  I also started my own surgery practice.
- the physical examination of organs of locomotion
- rehabilitation after the complex treatment of locomotor illnesses, after operation
- treating a protruded intervertebral disk with a method McKenzie
- scoliosis ( Scoliosis, Scheuermann ) and  medical gymnastics for children and adults
- moving painful joints out,  relaxing muscles (Swedish massage, foot massage,
- in case of paralysis motion re-teaching (for example:Hemiparesis)
- electrotherapeutic treatment ( TENS, Magnetic acupuncture)